Erik Bradford
on 02/25/2018 at 08:01 pm
Praise the Lord. amen
Clay Harrington
on 02/24/2018 at 03:33 am
Heavenly Father, please show this brother that you are in his presence during this difficult time. Also father please let your will be done in his life.
Dwayne Richard
on 02/23/2018 at 10:06 pm
Heavenly Father I lift up my brother and his wife. Lord strengthen both of them to believe that marriage is worth fighting for. Lord touch and restore their hearts back to Jesus and each other. Lord do a mighty work in this marriage and let them sign of your goodness in Jesus Name.

Wife wants a divorce, I do not

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just going through a difficult time in my marriage right now, my wife says she wants divorce, but i dont.. just confused and in need of intercession.. please talk to Jesus about me..