Erik Bradford
on 02/25/2018 at 07:47 pm
Praise the Lord. Amen
on 02/23/2018 at 01:29 am
praying for you brother! I commend you for the courage it takes to come forward and confess your sins not only to God, but to your wife! I applaud you and I am proud of you for doing so! I wish I had your courage, for I have stumbled recently back into pornography and have not found the courage to tell my wife of my slip up. I have repented of this, just have not told her about this.. please pray for me to have the courage to do so.. Thank you!
Dwayne Richard
on 02/22/2018 at 02:43 pm
Heavenly Father I lift up my brother and his wife. Lord move in a mighty way and heal every area of this marriage. Lord give him eye's only for Jesus and his wife. Lord bring him and his wife together daily to study your Holy Word.Lord from this day forward they will walk as one with you as the center in Jesus Name.
on 02/22/2018 at 06:16 am
Jeremiah 28:11 says “For I know the plans I have for you” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you future and a hope.”
on 02/22/2018 at 06:09 am
Amen brother! What a beautiful testimony of Gods grace and Prayer can do. I invite you brother to keep reading the BIBLE, for it is Gods living breathing Word. Read some. Psalm’s it always keeps the flame burning in my life. I love to sprinkle my day with Psalm’s. Brother, grab your wife and pray, read the Bible. “Nothing will bring two hearts closer together, than two hearts that are after the heart of God?”

Prayer to rebuild marriage after affairs

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Please pray for strength and protection for my family and I. My beautiful wife is a very prayerful woman and she has been praying for me, fervently and with intent.....and God is good. i have been having online marital affairs, sexting, and having on going relationships with multiple women for ther past year. She had no idea that this was going on she just knew something was ve wrong. Almost two weeks ago, the Holy Spirit convicted me and toook my voice from me and I could only speak the truth. through the grace of our amazing God she has decided to stay with me and see where God wants to take our marriage. i have rededicated my life to God and for the first time in my life have been actually studying the word of God, for myself. I also realized through all of this I have been a narcissist my whole life, which I'm finding out through our amazing God is a severe addiction to sin. there are several other factors that come into play with our relationship (my wife's and I) but for the first time I'm truly loving her for her heart and who she is as a woman of God. So of course we are under extreme attack by the enemy but he has no ground!!!! Where God has started a good work he will finish, we are standing FIRM in him and his promises. Just need some prayer, thank you. God is good, never lose focus and if you's ok, just don't fall. and brothers if you are living in sin, confess your sins not only to God but to the people you may be causing to stumble and trust me if you have broken your marriage vows, it may be hard to confess your sins to your wife.....but there is freedom on the other side, what is done in the dark always comes to light. Thank you Jesus.