ThouxanBan Eli
on 12/04/2017 at 09:16 am
hey man i was just in your shoes literally like 3 weeks ago. watching porn everyday alot everyday too. i want you to read thru proverbs and what it talks about lust of the heart and not to give into temptation of the deceptive woman. I also want you to go on YouTube and look up "Hell pictures, a trip to hell". its about a korean girl taken to hell. and in that video it shows the punishment for sexual corruption. Hopefully that video will scare you straight, (because it really did for me lol). After you watch, i want you to repent for the nasty lie of the devil had you addicted to. Start reading the book of proverbs from start to finish. and i promise you, youll feel so overcomed and blessed
Jonathan Philip
on 12/01/2017 at 01:13 pm
Nic, first of all know that god loves you.Jesus loves you. The King Of Kings loves you. He will deliver you according to psalms 57.Have hope in him. Understand that his name is greater and greater than the name of masturbation. When you feel like you are being tempted, try to stop it. If your mobile is causing you to masturbate , throw and destroy it. For now is the time for you to choose between masturbation(hell) and Jesus(heaven). And Nic , we will be absolutly praying for you. I command every demonic bondage in Nic be broken off in Jesus Name. Nic know that you are a christian and the child of God. Satan cant get hold of you. Keep reading Romans chapter 10. It will help you. I also advice you to watch Evangelist Fernando Perez's deliverance prayer in youtube. May God Bless you. Have hope in Jesus, the only almighty god who has crushed Satan under his feet. God Bless You
Dwayne Richard
on 12/01/2017 at 03:44 am
Heavenly Father I lift up my brother.Lord touch his life in a mighty way.Lord close this door to lust and masturbation in his life In Jesus Name. Lord open his heart to receive your forgiveness never look back. Lord rest your Glory over him and fill him with your love and power In Jesus Name.
Ed Brown
on 11/30/2017 at 10:32 pm
Father Lord in heaven thank you for this young man. Thank you for raising him up in a good environment. Lord your Holy Spirit is at work in his heart. Father he recognizes his sin, reveal your love to him. Bring him to a true repentance for his sin. Help turn away from pornography and deny his fleshly desires that arent pleasing to you. Set him on fire for you Lord so strong that sin and temptation cant shake him. Be real in his life God. Let your glory shine through him and set him free from the chains of sin that bind him so he can testify to your glory. Let him be able to use his testimony of freedom to help others like him. Thank you Jesus in your name I pray Amen

Struggling with lust

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My name is Nic, I am 18 and going to school at my church. I have been a Christian my whole life and am an active member in my church. In the last couple months i have been struggling with masturbation and lust for the first time in my life. Please pray that God changes my heart and completely frees me from it.