on 10/02/2017 at 04:17 am
on 09/24/2017 at 02:49 am
in faith i command the bad habit to leave this brother. in the mighty name of Jesus i unleash the power of the holy spirit upon the situation this brother is in. Amen, amen.
Dwayne Richard
on 09/20/2017 at 04:54 am
Heavenly Father I lift up my brother. Lord you defeated this addiction for my brother on the cross. Lord give him revelation of your finished work on the cross. Open his eyes and heart to the authority he has in JESUS NAME. Lord let passion burn in him this day forward for JESUS .
on 09/20/2017 at 03:03 am
Loving heavenly Father i lift your name on high. praise and glory to you alone. thank you lord for this brother opening up boldly to you about his problem. Lord let your divine protection and presence fill the brother all throughout. let this temptation be gone in Jesus name. help my brother realize he is still deeply loved and eagerly awaited amidst all the failures he is facing. where sin abounds your grace abounds much more. thank you for the awesome grace master. in Jesus name i command the grip of the enemy be lost for my brother. no more guilt, no more sorrows. i rebuke the spirit of guilty conscience in the mighty name of Jesus. I commit right now the brother as a whole in your hands father. take charge of him, bless him, touch him and lead him. let him know and realize the only way is you and you only. let him learn to fill the space around with good things so that the evil will fall apart. thank you Lord for answering my prayers. in the name of Jesus, Amen

battle an addiction to masturbation

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I need prayer to help me battle an addiction to masturbation.