on 07/31/2017 at 07:29 pm
Brother I'm going to pray for you. I know the type of situation you may be going through. Except I was the son who lost contact. What it took for me was to humble myself and stop trying to blame my father. I finally let go and forgave him as the Lord teaches us to. it was almost immediate the change that came over us. I've been growing closer and closer with my Dad since and it has been great. Truths and pains can come about, but in the over all the relationship and love outweighs the burdens of guilt and anger. I had to admit my faults and wrong doing and truly be humbled before things could get to this though. I pray you keep some of these things in mind. Forgiveness is a very powerful thing.
Dwayne Richard
on 07/27/2017 at 04:47 pm
HeavenlyFather I lift up my brother Steve .Lord move in his heart and his kid's and bring healing .Lord bring them into a deeper relationship with with you and each other.Lord consume them with your all consuming love.In JesusName

Prayers for renewed relationship with my children

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My name is Steve T, and after 2 years, my children have began contacting me. I pray for reconstruction and reconciliation of a much more powerful relationship with Christ as the center and not our prideful selves. Thank you, Lord, for first steps and the strength to follow through with our lives for You and your will for us.