Join Men Who are Winning It

  • Has fear or worry ever held you back?

  • Sick and tired of that porn habit?

  • Have you searched for an online faith community that "gets you?"

  • Are you looking for tools and guidance in leading guys in your community?

Adventure Men is for you.

A completely new experience for Christian guys like you. We've packed in an interactive community, and real, authentic, street level tools to help you win at faith, work, and life. 

Membership access is
only $47 per year


As a premium member, you get inside access to:

  • The private forum called THE LODGE. 

  • If you struggle with pornography, follow our intense 7 Stone Strategy designed to help you break the chains and finally live free.

  • Weekly challenges built on the core 5 disciplines you can use to conquer fear, isolation, and doubt.

  • Weekly and monthly podcasts to help break life into bite-sized pieces 

  • Leadership tools and small group resources designed strictly for men and leaders of men.

  • Monthly Campfire podcasts featuring a new way to hear the stories of God's men throughout the Bible - and what it means for us.

  • Join the "14 Summits" expedition to strengthen your life of faith, influence, and role as a Christian man in your home, work, and life.

"Hey, I'm Greg Arnold, the lead minister and creator of the Live Bold App and Adventure Men experience. I'm here to help coach you, encourage you, and do life with you through the journey. Join me and let's get on the path!"

Could you skip that one latte or combo meal each month and invest in your faith journey?  

Join Adventure Men:
$47 /year


"Over the last decade, I've invested 10,000 hours into understanding Christian men. I can share with you that the struggle has a common pattern and it can be won. The modern church sweeps men's problems under the rug. Society shames men into lying about "having it all together".  Leaders are frustrated with the same old re-purposed material and want something authentic and street level.  The resources inside Adventure Men is built on firm foundations, Biblical truth, real  life, trial and error, and can't be found anywhere else. I am called by God to reach you, serve you, and equip you... will you join me?"  - Greg

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