The Formula For Success

Elite performers of any sport, art, or craft understand one simple fact - mastering the fundamentals is non-negotiable. 

As a man of faith, your Christian lifestyle is no different. If you want to narrow the gaps between your high points and low points, you need to master the fundamentals. 

We call these fundamentals - disciplines. The perfect word for us, as we discipline ourselves to respond innately, without thinking, in ways that glorfiy God through our words, works, and actions. 

We call the 5 core disciplines of faith, SWAPS.

  • S= Study
  • W = Worship
  • A = Accountability
  • P= Prayer
  • S= Service

How you handle these disciplines on a daily basis is how you'll travel in your faith life. Join me this week on the podcast to discover a little more, then make a weekly habit to check our Weekly Compass - and accept the challenge to sharpen your game.

The Formula For Success