The LIVE BOLD App For Christian Men is now available across any device. At your desk, on your laptop? Visit to get the app experience on your big screen devices!


  1. For Groups:  The Live Bold App is designed to help any group leader do work.  With tons of free resources, you can help keep your crew on the same page. No books to buy, no videos to purchase. We wanted to give you the chance to meet anywhere, anytime.  Since most guys carry a phone in their pocket - the resources are always within reach. Whether at a church, at work, over a meal, or on the trail - you've got tools. Now all you need to do is focus on relationships and the guys. 
  2. For the Lone Wolf:  For the times when you are doing life solo or in a private devotion, the Live Bold App is always within reach. You can count on fresh, authentic, and real tools for your Christian walk. Whether you choose to show up or not, we'll be here. We always encourage connection with a group, but when you are alone, we'll be your group. 


You talked to us, and we listened. You said, logging in was a pain in the neck just to get your daily kickstart. So we modified the app. No membership is needed to get the dialy kickstart or listen to the podcast. The rest of the features require an account to function properly.  Sign up is free for life.  (We are also updating the app to fix the "logging out" issues for those who want to connect and join up. )

We hope you like the new app layout. We went through our stats and gathered the most popular items into a quick start menu. The other features are just as important - but we wanted to keep it quick for you.

There are more cool features to come - including this space! 

We are a small ministry with a monster vision. We aim to get to the summit of faith and life and help as many men around the world to do the same.  

Watch this space!
New Features on the way...


  1. If you find something that really hits you - simply press the "star" icon in the toolbar. It will be added to your Saved Faves - found on the menu.
  2. Use the search function to quickly find verses in the Study Topics
  3. Study Topics are organized by categories.
  4. Video Motovotionals: The latest is at the top of your daily kickstart. Each month a new one will arrive.
  5. Need Support, Want to Encourage Us, Suggest a New Feature?    GO HERE


Hey there!  I'm Greg Arnold, lead men's minister here on the Live Bold app.  Thanks for joining the surge of Christian men around the world who are connecting and joining!  As of this writing we are near 10,000 members who are spread across 6 continents in over 150 countries. Glory be to God!  

My goal is to serve you, encourage you, and motivate you to take huge, bold steps in life with God leading the way.  Each day, I will strive to provide you with a verse and a word of encouragement to live bold and a regular Video Motivotional.  The rest is up to you.  I'll do my part if you will do your part... and engage! 

The goal is to have the daily KICKSTART posted and ready to go live by Midnight Central U.S. Time.  Don't worry about starting at Day #1... just pick up and keep up. Each day corresponds to the day of the year.  Leave a comment or a prayer for the countless men scrolling and reading. This is your way of joining the ministry effort.

Would you do me a favor? Rate and leave a review for the app when you get a chance...  THat would be really helpful!

The more ratings we have, the easier we are to find in the app stores.  Ratings help other guys who are searching for an app for Christian Men.  I'm not asking for a bogus review... but a real one.  1 star or 5 stars... it's your call.  Each rating and review helps other guys understand what they will get inside.  Naturally... if you have a poor experience, contact support first... maybe your issues can be quickly resolved!  

As always... the app is 100% free for life.  It's work, man... but it's joy filled labor.

Share the App with your friends. Allow us to be your outreach tool.