It's Time! Are You Coming With Us?

You know what the goal is...
now go get it!

Perhaps last year, the wins came and the losses lingered a little too long. Excuses held us down and the hardships kicked us while we were on the ground. Forgiveness was given by God and we held on to a few grudges which became toxic to our dreams. 

We spent too much time alone and we looked the other way more than once when others needed us. We tried to hide from God, but it didn't work.

The past year also gave us a few victories. We saw answers to prayers. The decision to do something different arrived and we jumped on it.

You turned on your device, you searched. and you found an app full of thousands of guys around the world who are facing the same mountain. And you're here now - looking for a better year ahead.

This is the moment that defines us. We are new creatures in Christ. We will forgive ourselves for the mistakes of the past and we will jump on the mountain and start climbing! Are you In?

So let's make good on our plan and turn it into a promise. Let's agree to become the best version of ourselves. Let's reach for that summit of life and faith in 2019. Go man go!

Are you coming with us?

This is how the Live Bold App for Christian men we'll help you in 2019. 

  • Daily Kickstart = More targeted devotions
    • ​After reviewing 10,247 comments (and counting) - we have a better idea of why you are here. The daily devotions will speak to you.
  • Prayer Wall V2.0 = Quicker prayer posting and interactions
    • ​You've said the prayer wall has been a game changer. We pray for each request as they come in. Quicker posting and the abilty to hit the "I prayed" button as well as leave your prayer comment.
  • Monthly Compass = New feature giving you a target pathway each month
    • ​Reading devotions and praying is a great start, but doing something with your faith is required. Each month, you'll see a new pathway you can consider
  • Campfire Podcast = Join us around the campfire as we talk about faith and life each month
    • ​Guys are story tellers and communicate with stories. Listen in as we talk about our own faith and life challenges. Then we launch you into a self-guided study for the month surrounding the topic.



  • Coaching = We see your best and want to help you get the most out of your faith life
    • ​Each month, we'll walk you through the SWAPS like a player getting ready for the game. Get insights and tips on the journey of faith and life - one discipline at a time. 
    • All new Vidcasts to help keep you motivated
  • SWAPS TOOL = This brand new interactive tool will help you visualize your faith strengths
    • Each week, you can record your SWAPS measurements into the interactive tool and see how well your walk of discipleship is going. Easy to follow guides and drills to help get you game-ready. There's nothing like this in the world.
  • 14 SUMMITS = Yes, there are actually 14 summits. The engine has been repaired
    • Each month you'll see a new Summit posted 
  • CAMPSITES = Doing life alone is deadly. Get help to set up your very own Campsite
    • ​The Adventure Men Campsites are designed for guys who aren't ready to connect at the local church level. We'll help you establish a group and keep you resourced. 
    • If you are in the church setting - you'll want to look at our all new Adventure Men for Churches. It's dropping in a few weeks. Contact me if you want more details.
    • The member list has been re-built to feature only the guys nearest to you
  • PURITY PATH= Our standard and sought after purity tool for guys struggling with addiction and lust. 
    • ​The 7 Stone Strategy is carefully designed to guide you from darkness to freedom in 7 short but challenging steps. 

Thanks for making Live Bold App for Christian Men the number one Christian men's app on Apple and Android markets! We're reaching the world one man at a time and simply asking - "how is it with your soul?" 

I look forward to serving you in 2019!  Now go share the app with your friends and let's make it happen.


Greg Arnold / Founder