All We Want For Christmas is to Bless You!

I hope the Live Bold App has been a blessing for you. If so, would you share your story in the comments?

okay, now... 

I can't wait to give you more in 2019!

  • You'll enjoy the same daily kickstart you love, but with an extra kick!
  • A brand new feature: Monthly challenge!
  • Study Tools will merge with the newly revamped Campfire Podcast! Each month, get a new episode with action steps and scripture.
  • Prayer engine is going 2.0! You'll see what we mean!

And for the Adventure Men: 

  • The new interactive SWAPS gauge is ready and on the way! Built to help anyone wanting to get serious about strengthenig daily faith and life. It's a game changer!
  • The Weekly Guide will begin featuring a coach vidcast along with fresh challenges each week
  • 14 Summits will begin to update monthly
  • Start your own campsite with our quick start kit

You are the first to hear that we will also realease a church version of Adventure Men in 2019!  Built for churches who could use a powerful men's program. 



The LIVE BOLD APP features 2 pathways: 

(PATH 1) All Guys: Daily devotions and prayer

(PATH 2) Adventure Men: Advanced experience for men who want to satisfy that craving to win at faith and life and go further.


​Ever feel like a lone wolf?   For the times when you are doing life solo or in a private devotion, the Live Bold App is always within reach. You can count on fresh, authentic, and real tools for your Christian walk. Whether you choose to show up or not, we'll be here. We always encourage connection with a group, but when you are alone, we'll be your group. And with us... you aren't alone.


These guys have made the commitment to go for the summit!  You have upped your game and want the tools and coaching to reach the summit of faith and life.  You may be a solo act, but you're ready to connect with other guys and build accountability. You could use a little coaching and resources to help get you there. 


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The App continues to thrive because of you! We are now delivering the gospel message of hope and God's love in over 170 countries with more than 21,000 members!  Our mission continues to be:  "Go and make disciples."  Our Adventure Men subscribers are making it possible to continue sharing the gospel in some very hard to reach places! Thank you!!

Greg Arnold / Founder