on 05/24/2018 at 01:41 pm
@Jeremey Stewert thanx for that prayer brother, I sure could use it, I’m surrounded by so many lost, but assuming the Lord wants me here. Gots love the way he works, thanx again
Jeremey Stewart
on 05/24/2018 at 01:21 am
@Dave, Often times a mentor is already in your life. My mentor came to me in the strangest of ways. I pray that the Lord shows your mentor to you and that in return he delivers someone for you to mentor. Jeremey
carl bedford
on 05/23/2018 at 05:14 pm
im needing one of these as well.
on 05/23/2018 at 02:05 pm
This is where I could use the prayer, because I’ve been with the lord in so many way, studied his word, practiced his word, lived his word, but have not really met a mentor in my life who hasn’t let me down. And have felt that the good Lord has been that and wanted to be that mentor alone. Showing me what to study and read, underline, pray on etc... but I pray I’d find one sooner than later to,help me carry on my studies properly, to carry the word to so many more people. I can see the sermons in my head, just need the guidance. Please if you could pray for me I’d appreciate that so much. I pray for all of us to find our way. ML

DAY 143: The Power of a Mentor

Teach the older men to be temperate, worthy of respect, self-controlled, and sound in faith, in love and in endurance.  Similarly, encourage the young men to be self-controlled.  In everything set them an example by doing what is good.   ~Titus 2: 2, 6-7

So many men wait until they reach some mysterious "level" of readiness before they feel qualified to lead others in matters of faith. 

We win at faith when we find a coach to help us grow as we become a coach for a another man's growth. 

The Apostle Paul operated with his mentor, Barnabas, while mentoring his own student - Timothy.  This passing of wisdom and encouragement is highly effective. 

So, who is coaching you and whom are you coaching?  Find these relationships right now - and watch your faith life make huge gains.  This is critical in the life of a Christian man.