on 03/05/2018 at 02:52 am
Hello God, just calling to say thank you for all that you have done in my life and you are continuing to do in my life .Lord task that you please bless all who are in need and have come here to place their calls to you.Lord I ask that you please bless my family keep them safe from harm.I pray for my stepdaughter keep her safe Lord . Thank you for the work you are doing in my lifethank you for what you have taught me .Help to share and put into practice what you have taught me .In your precious and holy name amen
Greg Arnold
on 03/01/2018 at 06:07 am
Praying for each of you in this thread, tonight. May God's peace rest in you and fall around you. I worry at times - but nothing has changed because of it. But when I ask God to take over, something always happens because of that.
on 03/01/2018 at 04:59 am
Lord, this job scares me. is my first real job. not getting paid immediately scares me. commission only scares me. being dependent on someone else for extended period of time scares me. the idea have it all hurts my pride and fills me with fear. I worry. but you cannot make me for a spirit of fear. You made me to overcome. to walk Faithfully forward trusting you. I feel this is where you're leading me. let me trust wholeheartedly and you and plan you have for my life. Lord I confess why worry. l ask that your peace make over me. lead me. guide me. Fill me with your peace. amen
Kyle Hilliard
on 02/28/2018 at 02:35 pm
What a great reminder and message this morning at the perfect time. My wife and I are expecting our first child any day and have been worried about being able to effectively care for him. I also work a 100% commission job that is slower during the winter months and has yet to pick back up this year. But after reading this this morning I am reminded that we must continue to place our trust in him. Along with the verse that was shared with this I also cannot help but think of Psalm 55:22 “Our LORD, we belong to you. We tell you what worries us, and you won’t let us fall.”
Boyce Moses
on 02/28/2018 at 02:30 pm
Heavenly Father, we come to You today to thank You for taking all our worries. Many times we will let being worried about things consume us. Give us the strength and wisdom to identify things that make us anxious or give us worry, and give them to You. Worry is just the evil one causing us to doubt You. Let us know and believe you will provide no matter what the situation. Praying in the name of the great comforter, Jesus Christ. Amen.
Shane Murray
on 02/28/2018 at 02:14 pm
This was a good word for me today. I have a lot going on in my life right now. Thank you Jesus for this reminder.
Erik Bradford
on 02/28/2018 at 01:24 pm
Praise the Lord.
Richard Roche
on 02/28/2018 at 01:16 pm
i have battled health conditions for years and God had got me through it. i now have a small lump under my arm, but i am going to believe it is something simple and God is in control. he will heal me once again, and i will not worry about it anymore
Brian Klein
on 02/28/2018 at 01:11 pm
I am currently in the ER with my wife who fell last night and either dislocated her hip or broke it. Praying for peace, and strength for my wife as we await the outcome.
on 02/28/2018 at 01:08 pm
This is a well-timed devotion for myself as well. My wife and I are a couple months away from baby number 2 and every way we look at it, our budget falls short after the new addition arrives. It has been a daily struggle for me during the past few weeks to remember the blessings and provisions that God has given us over the past several years and to not let this worry and anxiety overtake me. Thank you for today's reminder.
on 02/28/2018 at 12:47 pm
Recently my company was bought out. By recently, it was yesterday. So immediate fear started to well up. What changes are going to be made? Who can I trust and so forth? I had a good opportunity with a new company a month ago. They offered, my company matched and I stayed. Month later they get bought out. So my thinking, where does that leave me? But this verse just put me back in line. How is it? Out of all the random days if the year. That worry would be the topic after the day 58 I had? God is truly amazing and I’m not even worthy. But he’s always been right there.. Walking and quietly waiting for me to come back to him. Pretty amazing stuff.

DAY 59: Taking Control Of Worry

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.  ~ Philippians 4: 6-7

Don't get caught up in the tangles of worry. Being anxious about things beyond your control is a waste of time and it strangles your peace. 

Trusting God means letting go of those things beyond your control. Relax your grip and hand it over to God's grace, love, and mercy.  

Take control of your worry:

  • Give your worry a name
  • Confess it to God and others
  • Pray for it's death
  • Give thanks to God for the win

What are you worried about right now?  Begin your confession right here - right now.