We've Got Your Back, Brother

Together, men are winning their daily battles and unlocking their purpose. We have mapped a pathway for you too.

Adventure Men is built on solid biblical foundations and delivered with street level application for your life. Join up with us and the other guys so we can help you:

  • win your worries
  • get freedom from porn
  • lock arms with brothers on the same journey
  • go deeper and get stronger

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Do you struggle with pornogrpahy?  
This is your chance to break free using our 7 Stone Strategy!
Follow the steps, do the work, find freedom.

Your premium pass grants you access to incredible resources, AND your purchase helps us reach the world with the free Daily Kickstart and Prayer Wall ! 

Join us in ministry and lock arms to help reach the world while getting what you need to grow stronger in faith.


 Could you skip those expensive drinks or a few combo meals and invest in your faith journey?
It also helps us continue reaching more guys?

"Over the last decade, I've invested 20,000 hours into understanding Christian men. I can share with you that the struggle has a common pattern and it can be won. The modern church sweeps men's problems under the rug. Society shames men into lying about "having it all together".  Leaders are frustrated with the same old re-purposed material and want something authentic and street level.  The resources inside Adventure Men is built on firm foundations, Biblical truth, real  life, trial and error, and can't be found anywhere else. I am called by God to reach you, serve you, and equip you... will you join me?"  - Greg

Questions before you commit?  Drop me a note:  greg@livebold.org

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