on 01/31/2018 at 02:14 pm
Effective! Why would you chose any other way?
Montrey Willis
on 01/31/2018 at 02:09 pm
Greg Arnold
on 01/31/2018 at 01:57 pm
Right on Erik! Amen Boyce!
Boyce Moses
on 01/31/2018 at 01:52 pm
Glorious and Loving God, we come to You today to thank You for giving us a new day, new blessings, new start, and new opportunities to share Your glory and Love. Every day let us be thankful for the day You have given us. Let us approach the day as one blessed by Your constant grace. Let us shine in Your light and bring light into this dark world. Let us show others to trust in You. Praying in the name of Jesus. Amen
on 01/31/2018 at 01:52 pm
I chose efdective. however I realize now that because of my afflictions I can be effective. have a great day everybody

DAY 31: Choose How You Face The Day

All the days of the oppressed are wretched, but the cheerful heart has a continual feast.  ~ Proverbs 15:15

The passive style of faith focuses on external things and allows the world to influence and inflict darkness before a response is made. It retreats to God's word to lick it's wounds.

The active style of faith goes first into God's word and seeks understanding of His ways for living,  then responds with power and joy to external distractions and attacks.

Each day, we get to choose how we respond and live in God's amazing creation. We can decide to live "afflicted" or live "effective".

Which will you choose, today? The sins and problems you face are not new. The freedom you are given through repentence - is new. Grab it and do something with it.