Montrey Willis
on 08/27/2017 at 02:00 am
Amen!! this is an absolutely amazing share today thank you guys for all of your valuable feedback I can totally relate. God wants everything and I tell young man that as well as everyone I come in contact with ..when we're going through pain and all of our hurt ..all of our trials.. all of our situations of life we have to remember that God wants it all.. even those messed up times.. even the things that you think you can hold back from him and you don't want to share with anybody ..he wants it all!! you know I'm thankful that I know this today but I only got this valuable Insight because I decided to surrender and I decided to start placing God first !! now I'm not perfect and everyday I have to make this decision to place God first.. some days are better than others ..but I just keep trying... I'm so thankful for where I am today and placing God first has done nothing but benefit me.. it's done nothing but give me a life that I could never even dreamed of!! I'm so thankful today that I put him first into my life. Amen
Neil Winterborn
on 08/27/2017 at 12:11 am
Great word, God's speaking to me through that.
on 08/26/2017 at 10:00 pm
The Lord spoke so clearly to me with today's verse. I'm a self -professed control freak and I attempt to surrender it everyday to the Lord. I'm in a situation right now that I have no control over. I've applied for a school to advance my career skills and further support my family, but I haven't heard if I've been accepted and class starts in less than two weeks. Brothers, I'm asking for prayer that I be still and watch what the HOLY spirit is about to do!!
Ron Childs
on 08/26/2017 at 05:07 pm
Greg Arnold
on 08/26/2017 at 02:31 pm
Thanks for your stories, my friends. God isn't shy about reminding us who He is and where He deserves to be in our life.
on 08/26/2017 at 02:23 pm
when I share with people, I tell them straight up, total surrender has to occur. I was one of those so called christians that straddled the fence for years. God was second and my life came first. I mean really, how could I have fun in my life with God being first and my wants being second. As a young man that was my biggest fear. I thought I had to quit living to be a christian? This is the word I share to young men today. Total surrender, put God first, give him all. Give him your joys, sorrows, troubles, just hand it all to him and your life just really begins. I didn't start to live til I hit rock bottom. I had a great job, the house with the pools, 2 cars, went out with a different girl everynight, and I had NOTHING. I was empty and unhappy. so as you say, NEVER put God second.
Donald Haren
on 08/26/2017 at 01:27 pm
Always remember the sacrifice that was made for you. Jesus shed his blood and gave his life for you.Just as Jesus did, we must give our lives for Him. Take time every day to listen and pray for His guidance. Always,always,always,put God first in all of your thoughts and deeds. Prepare for your eternal life now. The life we live here, in this physical world,is short. Learn all you can while you are here. Be selfless,always placing others ahead of yourself. Every second of time is valuable, don't waste it. May each one of us be faithful servants of our Lord. God bless.

DAY 238: Did You Put God in Second Place?

Now then, stand still and see this great thing the Lord is about to do before your eyes!  ~ 1 Samuel 12:16

Samuel stands before the doubters and the nervous people who want God, but won't trust Him to be their king. Instead, they ask someone else to lead them. 

"What have you done?" Samuel asked. "You people are crazy, and you messed up! Sit back and watch what God is about to do. You will surely regret ignoring Him and giving your life to a human." They regretted their decision.

Pay attention to God's call in your life. He is patient, but He also doesn't stand for being second. Wake up before He shows you what a big mistake it was to choose other things over Him. 

Today... get still. Be quiet for a few minutes. Do not talk. Simply listen to God's voice. Pray for it to echo in your soul.  Ask Him to be first.  Then allow it.