DAY 228: Finding Your Purpose

 I have brought you glory on earth by finishing the work you gave me to do.  ~ Jesus Christ, praying to His Father(John 17:4)

A man without a purpose is like a leaf floating aimlessly with the current. Eventually coming to rest after a rough ride, then he slowly sinks.

The absence of purpose sets you adrfit. The symptoms of impurity, anger, isolation, fear, and countless troubles are sure signs that your purpose is missing or in danger of slipping away. 

Every man has a core God-designed desire which ignites meaning for his life, they are centered around these things:

  • He is born with a deep desire to nurture and protect his family and community.
  • He comes to life when he locks into a cause greater than himself.
  • He is designed to love and craves to be loved.

Get down to the "why you do" life, instead of focusing on "what you do." It will unlock your God designed purpose.