Joshua Arnold
on 08/09/2017 at 08:35 pm
God Bless you men.... This reminds me of a quote I recently heard from another Brother in Christ... "Take what you have, where your at, and do what you can"....
Boyce Moses
on 08/09/2017 at 07:07 pm
Amen to that brother. Many times I feel that I receive more than I give.
Montrey Willis
on 08/09/2017 at 05:03 pm
Amen .my heart has changed and im doing a lot of service grateful..its major growth and Very rewarding to just help another.
Boyce Moses
on 08/09/2017 at 02:17 pm
Amazing God, we humbly come to You today to thank You for all the blessing You pour out on us. Father, guide us to use our blessings to help and serve other. Let us give enthusiastically, and serve willingly to help those in need. There are so many that need help, we can't help them all, but let us press ourselves to help where we can. Let us make ourselves get out of our comfort zones and be like Jesus with skin on. Praying in the name of the great servant, Jesus Christ! Amen.

DAY 221: Giving and Receiving

Honor the Lord with your wealth, with the firstfruits of all your crops; then your barns will be filled to overflowing, and your vats will brim over with new wine.  
~ Proverbs 3: 9-10

Be careful not to confuse God's view of wealth with your view of money. God doesn't need anything you have - God desires for your heart to be locked onto Him.

That catch?  When our heart begins to beat like God's heart, the things we want change. We begin to want others to win, for the hungry to be fed, for the lost to be found, for the lonely to be loved.

Want to develop a giver's heart?  Flip the script. Focus on the things which make you angry and unsettled. Those are the areas you care deeply about. Seek out a way to be the light in those spaces. Use your talent, time, energy, and resources to solve that problem. 

Give yourself first to serve... then you will be served beyond your expectations.