on 07/25/2017 at 07:17 pm
Yes! Amen!
on 07/19/2017 at 06:20 am
i needed this. especially today. everything is forgivable.
on 07/18/2017 at 04:03 pm
Lord, I ask you to help me work on my heart, so that I can forgive the way that you forgive. thank you father for your love and mercy. through Jesus name I pray, amen.
alex humecki
on 07/18/2017 at 03:58 pm
walking **
alex humecki
on 07/18/2017 at 03:57 pm
this really helped me today because I have been struggling more than normal with my dad walling out on us and I felt so much anger but now I feel like a whight has been lifted
Montrey Willis
on 07/18/2017 at 03:40 pm
Boyce Moses
on 07/18/2017 at 02:29 pm
Loving Father, we come to the throne of grace today to thank You for Your non ending grace and forgiveness. We all fall short of Your glory, but you forgive us when we fall. Likewise, let us forgive others that we feel have wronged us. When we fail to forgive we only hurt ourselves. Give us the wisdom and strength to forgive others, and move forward. Let us forgive others, just as we have been forgiven. Praying in the name of the one that forgives us all, Jesus Christ. Amen.
Jabari Jackson
on 07/18/2017 at 01:43 pm
on 07/18/2017 at 12:40 pm
Steve Thompson
on 07/18/2017 at 12:16 pm
Thank you, Father fir showing me how to drop the chains that bind me to the slavery of this world - the self-isms, discontents, judgements, and unrest. Thank you for shoeing me how to drop the chains, and know the freedom and peace that comes from You daily. Help me to be an example of your Word.

DAY 199: Unlocking Peace and Contentment

For if you forgive other people when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you.  ~ Matthew 6:14

God doesn't withhold forgiveness to the man who freely forgives.  But choosing to hold those grudges or refusing to forgive those who wrong you - cuts God out of the picture.

If you want that peace and contentment in your life, you'll need to offer the forgiveness you have been denying.

Today, step up to the plate, be the big man, swallow your pride and forgive them.  Unlock God's blessing of forgiveness and peace and free-up your life.