Leave Fear Behind - Start The Climb


Follow 4 simple steps to start living your best life - right now. 

Live Bold App is introducing The God Pattern

In God's complete perfection, He has left us a fingerprint on how to do life. The ADVM Experience will guide you through it.

In 4 simple steps, I can help lead you away from fear, worry, doubt, isolation, addictive habits, and the darkness. 

  • Win your worry
  • break the fear
  • crush the habits
  • and shine light in your life

These mountains are common to many men. God is moving you to do something about it. That's why you are here. Take the next step and let's conquer those mountains. 

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The ADVM Experience can help improve the way you do life.

The God Pattern works. It will change your life if you apply it.

25 years ago, I discovered this "God Pattern" and began using it for my faith life, work life, and family life. From that moment until now, the summits of life have been much easier to climb. The wins come fast and the challenges are easier to overcome.

After coaching so many young men, old men, pastors, professionals, and guys like us - the plan has always been the same. Use the God Pattern!  They did, and they were changed. Their life unlocked and their focus was clear. 


Whether you are a guy trying to make headway, a veteran Christian looking for a boost, a man wanting a better family life, a pastor or minister looking for clarity, or leaders wanting to take the next step... it works for anyone in all situations. 

Look at this...

God has a pattern He has followed from the beginning of creation to right now. Christ used the same pattern. The Holy spirit uses the same pattern. 

This fingerprint has 4 distinct steps that give us a pattern to follow to win at faith, work, and life. 

The new Adventure Men Experience will show you these steps and take you through the God Pattern from start to finish.

Upon completion you can 

  • release your past
  • gain strength in the present
  • start a successful path forward for your future
  • get coaching to stay on top

This process is biblical and founded on the exact style God uses to interact with creation, with us, and how He interacts with you.

You can move at your own pace and repeat as often as necessary until it becomes a way of life. 


Only $47
for 1 year of access!

It's time to live your God-designed best life - right now. I've helped many men walk out of their darkness and into a new light. It's time we get down to business and make this happen for you too.

Why have you never heard of this? I don't know. It's been hiding in plain site for more than 4000 years. I've been using it for 25 years. This past year, God has prompted me to condense all of it into a simple 4 step process on the app. This will allow me to share with more than just a few guys. So here we are.

If you still have questions or want to wait, that's cool. I'll be able to get you started after the first group starts moving through the pathway.

Questions?  Use the App Messenger and look me up -  Greg Arnold. Drop me a note - I'm always on the app! Except when I'm sleeping or driving :-)

You can also drop a comment below to ask questions. I look forward to sharing the Experience with you. It has changed my life and I want it to help you as well. Blessings!! - Greg

Join me and let's start the process.